Threats To A Child’s Safety On The Internet: How Facebook Tracking might Help?

A recent survey found out that 10 out of 12 children use Facebook regularly. This increase in the usage of Facebook can have many detrimental effects on a child. Today let us discuss the potential threats to a child’s safety due to social media use and how a Facebook location tracker might help you prevent those.

Cyber Predators

Social media has become an open playground for sexual and other predators. They take advantage of children’s innocence and often lure them into dangerous situations. They also exploit the gift of children’s imagination to hook them. You might talk to your child about their day-to-day activities, but often these predators manipulate children to hide such interactions from their guardians.

By monitoring your child’s Facebook conversations through a kid’s phone tracking app, you will be able to minimize such occurrences.


Almost 60% of children using social media face cyberbullying, as reported by a recent survey. Cybercriminals operate 24/7, targeting children on social media. These incidents often escalate into bullying in real life as well.

Besides teaching your children how to stand up against these cybercriminals, tracking their social media usage and activities through a phone tracker application can help you understand potential threats and weed them out as quickly as possible.

Tracking App

Posting Private Information

Social boundaries might not make any sense to innocent children. They might end posting identifiable personal information on their social media profiles or chats. Your child can post images of personal moments, addresses, or family whereabouts by them as well.

With the Facebook tracking feature on a phone tracking application, you can monitor such interactions. This feature lets you view all images, videos, and other multimedia files exchanged on Facebook messenger by your child.

Downloading Malware Accidentally

Your child might also click on links from untrusted sources that lead to the installation of malware on the phone. Cybercriminals often trick children into downloading such malware and use them to steal personal information. They might masquerade these links as games or other applications that are attractive to young netizens.

Phone tracking apps would allow you to read all messages sent or received by your child, and you can track any such vicious advances.


Cybercriminals can also lure children into sharing highly prized information like the credit card details of their parents by promising prizes that might entice them. These interactions often happen beyond the view of the public eyes, such as through messenger chats.

With phone tracking apps installed, you can download the chat history of your child and monitor such interactions.

In Conclusion

In addition to these dangers, excessive social media usage might also hamper a child’s emotional and mental well-being. Installing a phone tracker will monitor your kid’s internet usage when they are studying or doing other activities.

Besides having a phone tracking app installed on your child’s phone, have conversations with them regularly about their life on social media. Also, discuss in detail the harmful effects and dangers of the virtual world.