Restoring the features of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

This instructional is expected to assist you with restoring recolored or clear covered wood kitchen cabinets. This guide would not help with repainting old cabinets with a strong shading. I will probably assist individuals with resurfacing their normal wood kitchen cabinets.

You will require an insignificant measure of devices for the activity:

  1. Cordless or Electric Drill
  1. Paint Applicators
  1. Vibrating Sander
  1. Sanding Blocks
  1. Screwdriver
  1. Drop fabrics
  1. Vacuum
  1. Rags

The primary activity is test the new completion to perceive how well it will function with the current one. Do this on a little territory that once in a while gets seen. Follow the entirety of the means beneath for this test procedure. I would test a territory by the fridge that never gets seen.  Remove the entryways from the cabinets utilizing a cordless drill or hand screwdriver. You will likewise need to evacuate the handles, pivots or handles.  Clean the cabinets with a mellow arrangement of Dawn dishwasher cleanser and water or wipe them down with mineral spirits and click

wood kitchen cabinets

Start the sanding procedure with 100 coarseness paper. This should be possible with vibrating sanders, sanding squares, and froth cushions. You should expel the entirety of the polish off of the cabinet parts. This will be an exceptionally difficult assignment. You can utilize a fluid stripper in the event that you want to. As a careful step, a residue cover during sanding or respirator type channel veil are proper devices to utilize.  After you get the entirety of the old polish off with the 100 coarseness paper, you should then utilize 150 coarseness and conclude the stripping procedure with 220 coarseness paper.  Prior to applying any stains, sealers or clear covers, vacuum and wipe off all surfaces truly well.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a stain apply it with a froth brush. Ensure you wear your elastic gloves. Enable the stain to dry the prescribed length from the producer’s directions. Wipe the stain off with a tack free clean fabric.  While restoring kitchen cabinets, it is extremely imperative to NOT get in a rush. Permit a lot of time for the entirety of the uses of fluid to altogether fix before sanding or applying another coat.  On the off chance that you are applying clear sanding sealer (suggested) this is your subsequent stage. Enable the sealer to totally dry and afterward sand softly with 220 sandpaper. Splash, brush or wipe on your next layer of sealer, permit to dry and sand once more.