Tips for using jigsaw of your convenience

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It is advisable to wear safety goggles or eyeglasses when using your jigsaw. You would not be doing lots of jigs awing later on should you hurt your eyes. Moreover, if you will cut on wear a dust mask. Before beginning a Cut, be certain that your cutting line is marked. If you will be Cutting small pieces of material, be sure and fix down e.g., with a clamp or clamps the bits before you start cutting. The piece of material will slip and mess your cut up. If the material you will cut is soft, put a square of cork or similar material between the clamp and the cloth that is soft you will cut from marring the surface of the material to avoid the clamp that is tightened. To ensure a smooth and true cut, be sure and use the jigsaw blade.

After turning your best jig saw on, allow the jigsaw arrive at the complete rate you have it set for before starting your own cut. In choosing what speed to set your jigsaw on, the guideline is speeds for materials that are tougher and faster rates for thicker materials. Only move your Jigsaw blade with pressure that is forward that is sufficient to let it cut and also to engage the blade. Never force your jigsaw blade. Let your blade do the work.

When cutting metal materials, you are able to apply a thin line of lubricant along with the line. Always disconnect your jigsaw from its power source. Periodically during Use, wipe off the jigsaw handle/grip to make sure your control of the jigsaw. Do not use Gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, or ammonia to clean your jigsaw since these chemicals may damage your jigsaw’s plastic components. When removing a Blade or attachment from your jigsaw after usage of the jigsaw, take care not to touch the blade as the blade/accessory will be hot, or attachment along with your fingers. Either let it cool off before you try or put on gloves and take out attachment or the blade. Do not lift or Carry your jigsaw by its cord as this might damage your jigsaw’s cable link. Damage to the jigsaw’s power cord connection is performed by the jigsaw’s factory service center.