Service apartment that provides maximum comforts and facilities

International tourists, globe trotters and business executives and others that are planning to stay in the country of the Singapore for few days or weeks should decide to book their rooms well in advance and stay in this luxurious service apartment for few days. They can enjoy lots of luxurious facilities and amenities during their stay and step out from the premises with satisfied mindset. Customers can enjoy free room service, chauffer services, restaurant and canteen services, bar and permit services and so on and have maximum fun during their temporary stay.

It is imperative to note that executives working here will provide personalized services and offer complimentary gifts and coupons during their stay. Members can use modern furniture, kitchen and bedroom appliances and relax completely inside their rooms for hours or days. Air-conditioners that are installed the rooms and other living spaces will be functional round the clock. Clients that stay here can also use audio, video and TV systems and lead a stress free life.

best serviced apartments

Apartment that has expansive hallways and bedrooms

It is worth to note that this complex which is adjudged as one of the best serviced apartments in singapore charges reasonably from all the clients and satisfies their requirements to the great extent. This apartment has business suite where top executives and affluent individuals can settle down peacefully for several days or weeks. Members will like the aesthetically designed rooms, hallways and living space and show interest to book these rooms in the future. Dial the number that is shown here and book one of the rooms immediately.