How to register and activate the vanilla visa card?

Summary: this article shows you how to register the newly bought vanilla visa card and the process of its activation. Some people find it difficult while other easy, ready on to know more!

Shopping is one of the favorite activities of ladies, teenager and social people, in order to continue enjoying this fun of shopping here is a convenient way called vanilla visa gift card. The visa gift cards are used by many people for paying the money after doing shopping or any other purchase. It is the easiest way to handle money without the fear of having less cash. When you own a vanilla card you don’t have to worry about going to ATM every time for withdrawing money.

Vanilla Visa Prepaid card

There are several website where you can browse for different types of cards sponsored by many other companies. But every card will offer you a set of rewards and benefits which requires you to choose according to your finances and expenditures. These cards are reloadable as well as non reloadable, so make sure o buy which suits you the best. In reloadable cards you can keep on adding money when ever needed where as in non reloadable you cannot add money once it is over. The card will be useless and need to be disposed immediately to avoid any scams.

Many people buy the gift cards assuming they can directly use them but no! The visa cards cannot be used unless they are activated and registered. Below are the points which must be followed in order to activate a vanilla card.

  • Follow the instructions of how to register the zip code on the official website of visa.
  • Once you enter the zip code, the page will automatically proceed further asking your card number which will be present on your gift card.
  • Along with the card number you will also be asked to enter your personal details like name, mobile number and address.
  • In case of any doubt, you can always seek assistance from the customer care. They are the right person to guide you step wise for the card activation.

Once the card is activated you will be sent a message or email stating the same and you are all set to start your visa card experience. One important point which should be kept in mind is signing the card before using it. There will be a space given at the back of the card which asks for the signature of the owner. Unless you sign the card it will not be valid, in order to authorize the gift card you must sign it clearly with a ball pen.

The second important thing about the vanilla visa cards is the balance, in order to continue using the card without any interference you have to keep a track of the available balance in your gift card. Keep checking the messages regularly after purchase to note the money left in your card.