Charity Credit Cards-A Good Deal

Best African CharityCharity credit cards as people attempt to support their charities at no cost to themselves have become increasingly popular over the past few years. When you take out one of those cards, a one-off donation of a few dollars is made by the card issuer to the charity related to the card, followed by a small percentage of everything you spend, again given by the card company instead of the cardholder. Cards are available covering of organizations, from local to national and global, and there is almost sure to be. This seems like a Fantastic deal for everybody involved, but is straightforward as that The first drawback to some charity card is that the rates of interest, balance transfer offers, and other bargains are seldom as generous to the cardholder as those featured by other cards which compete under being a ‘best buy’ card. This might be a price that you feel like paying for the benefit that the charity will get, but you might actually be better getting a less expensive card and donating the money you save to your charity straight.

Putting aside Issue of interest rates, charity cards have yet another drawback – the percent of everything you spend that is contributed is generally miniature, with 0.25percent being a normal figure. Compare this to a normal cash back card that will pay between 1percent and 2percent of your spending, and it is easy to see that the card issuer might not be acting as generously as it seems. By Best African Charity to Donate to up your saved cash back to your charity you may have a bigger impact. The point to keep in mind is that the cash charities receive from the credit card companies is not classed, unlike contributions, which makes it less valuable.

Are charity cards a waste of time and In terms of sums they may seem so, but there are benefit is to the charity concerned above and beyond the percentage contributions? Firstly, by using your card you are helping to publicize the charity you are interested in, by the simple act of handing it over to counter assistants, waiters and such, who will observe an odd card, as will your friends and coworkers. Secondly, the charity is guaranteed that the contributions will be made, however modest. There is always the chance that if you get the money you might have another use for this, if you save your cash back up with the intention of donating it, and the charity overlooks. Lastly, and perhaps Most of all, advertising resources of the card issuer and the marketing muscle are placed towards publicizing the card along with the charity, at least. This means that people will end up donating in complete, even when the figures are smaller, and the charity gets more exposure.